Viscosity VPN Review: A tool to make VPNs better?

Viscosity VPN review

Full disclosure; Viscosity isn’t a normal VPN service. It’s a tool you can use to connect to OpenVPN servers; whether that’s one you’ve set up yourself or one you’re paying for.

This won’t be your typical VPN review; instead, we’ll look at how Viscosity performs when it’s attached to OpenVPN servers.

Viscosity VPN Specs & Offers

VPN Name Viscosity
Leak Test Leaks Detected
Logging Policy Optional
Speed Dependent on VPN Service
Torrenting Torrenting & P2P Allowed
Netflix Dependent on VPN Service
Kill Switch Does Not Have Kill Switch
Anonymous Payment Methods Crypto
Free Trial 30 Days
Refunds No Refunds (Conditional)
Customer Support Email, Forums
Price Starting From $14

Viscosity VPN Pros

Pricing & Plans: Start with 30 days free, then pay $14 for lifetime access

Viscosity offers their service for free for 30 days with their free-trial and for $14 for a lifetime license. The free trial provides all the features a lifetime license has. Customers who are hesitant to commit to $14 can fully experience the ease and convenience of Viscosity.

The license gives customers a lifetime of ease and security with their data and internet browsing without additional purchases. However, additional licenses have to be purchased for additional computers.

Viscosity lets users use their service at a discounted price. Instead of buying a new one, Viscosity allows the license to be upgraded and be used by more computers.

The upgrade calculates the discount based on the number of users and additional slots to be bought. For example, if you want four copies for Windows, just increase the slots and it will cost $50. The upgrade feature isn’t available on single platform licenses but there is a discount to upgrade a single license platform to a cross-platform license.

Payment Methods: Crypto included – nice!

Users who wish to make use of their service have three payment method options: PayPal, credit cards, and Bitcoin.

Including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin means they’re aware of privacy issues. Fantastic.

Props to all VPN services that offer these choices! It’s not just Viscosity – take a look at PIA or Mullvad.

Sign Up Process: Easy to use

Viscosity is a simple and easy program to use from the beginning.

Their free trial download doesn’t require an account and is very easy to access. On their home page, a button for the free trial will be there waiting to be selected. It will take you to the next page where you can simply click for the file that’s yet to be installed.

An instruction manual is also provided on the same page as the download to further ease the process of installing the program.

Product Interface: Clean and compact, just the way we like it

The program is clean, straightforward and compact.

All of the buttons you will need are shown on the home page, the connections, editing the servers, advanced settings, and a few others. The font and icon sizes are big enough and easy to understand.

Adding and deleting servers can be done with ease due to the simple layout Viscosity offers users.

Switching servers is also easy to do in Viscosity, and is even accessible by opening the hidden icons tab on the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop. Selecting Viscosity will show your known connections and from there, you can choose which server to use.

Encryption and Protocols: The choice is yours

Users are given the option to choose the encryption of their liking. They have the options ranging from 128-bit Blowfish up to 256-bit AES, which is considered military-grade encryption.

Setting the encryption settings can be done in the Commands area under their Advanced tab.

Viscosity VPN Neutral Points

Servers and Locations: Set up your own or connect it to a VPN

Viscosity is a VPN client that enables users to seamlessly switch from one connection to another.

The program itself doesn’t offer servers to connect to but it can connect to programs that are supported by OpenVPN, including popular and free commercial VPN providers.

For a list of VPNs that offer support to Viscosity users, visit their VPN Service Provider index under the knowledge base on their website.

Torrenting Policy: Yes, but there are risks

Torrenting with Viscosity is possible but it comes with a risk.

Users reported that there are times when the server might drop while downloading torrents, temporarily exposing your IP address.

This is highly dangerous, and we do not recommend using Viscosity for any torrenting activity, ever.

Instead, go with a VPN that fully supports torrenting and has a built-in kill switch for dropped connections.

Refund Policy: Send them a letter, and hope for the best

The Australia-based company complies with the NSW Fair Trading Act. Refund requests may only be given through writing and refunds will be deliberated by the SparkLabs Management.

ViscosityVPN offers service to users for free for 30 days. This is to ensure that the users are given enough time to explore and get to know the function and features of Viscosity. All the features are available in the free trial and are not restricted in any way.

Since this is the case, refunds will not be given if a customer changes their mind, if a customer believed the product performed a different job and if SparkLabs incurred support costs. If a refund is given, the license serial/key for the purchase will be disabled.

Logging Policy: Viscosity collects user info for quality purposes

With a bit of research, we’ve learned that Viscosity collects the information of users from registration, purchasing a product and subscribing to their newsletter.

They may ask to collect your name, e-mail address, mailing address or phone number if deemed appropriate. However, users may still visit their website anonymously.

The collected information is used to improve their customer service, process transactions and send periodic emails. Viscosity assures their users that no information of theirs is sold, given or exchanged to outside parties.

Sensitive information such as credit card information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (or SSL) technology and then encrypted into their Payment gateway providers database that is only accessible to those authorized with special rights and are required to keep the collected information confidential.

Viscosity VPN Cons

Netflix Test: We had no luck (fully dependent on the server you opt for)

Much to the dismay of many, Netflix is unavailable using Viscosity.

Skip the trouble and go straight to our top list of VPNs for Netflix!

Device Compatibility: Desktop platforms only

The VPN is compatible with macOS (10.10 to 10.14) and Windows (7,8,8.1 & 10).

A lot of other devices aren’t offered by this VPN like Linux.

Viscosity has been designed from the ground up for both macOS (10.10 to 10.14) and Windows (7, 8, 8.1 & 10) users.

Customer Support: No live support, email and knowledge base only

Viscosity does not have live chat support. Instead, they offer a knowledge base, community forums, and email to contact support contained in their website.

Contacting support can also be done using the program by clicking the “about” button which shows the links to contact support as well as the button for purchasing a license.

IP and DNS Leak Test: Some leaks detected during disconnects

Viscosity can sometimes experience leaks during disconnections or torrent downloading.

We tested three countries, Canada, France and the United States and we’ve discovered that it’s generally leak-free except for disconnections and because of this, we aren’t very impressed with the performance, given this is a paid program, cheap as it may be.

Leaks during disconnects!

To compensate for the occasional leak of Viscosity, their support team has provided guides on how to prevent the leaks from happening using the command prompt.

Viscosity VPN also allows custom DNS servers and search domains to be accessed while connected, by integrating the VPN to Mac OS X’s advanced DNS system.

Kill Switch: Unfortunately not

Sadly, Viscosity doesn’t offer a kill switch.

This can be problematic, especially when your network often disconnects or experiences drop-outs. We’ve experienced this problem first hand when running leak tests.

Being a paid program, we expected Viscosity to provide users with a kill switch – hopefully, it’s something they may update the software with soon.

Viscosity VPN as a Business

The Australian company behind the VPN, Sparkslab, was found in the early days of 2008 and according to them, has been in constant pursuit of creating and developing user-friendly software ever since.

Not only do they have staff in Australia; they also have staff based in California, USA as well.

Viscosity VPN’s work focuses primarily on network security and strengthening user privacy. They claim to specialize in making attractive software that’s functional and easy to use at the same time. Looks are constantly emphasized, so it’s clearly a priority for them.

Jurisdiction: Under the watchful eyes

Seeing that Viscosity VPN was developed in Bathurst, the Australia-based VPN is under the 14 Eyes Alliance jurisdiction.

Viscosity VPN Conclusion: Not quite a full VPN service

Viscosity is a VPN client that enables users to establish a connection with VPN servers and enables them to edit, create and control VPN connections.

This is ideal for users who enjoy customizing the software they use to their needs, while customers looking for a simple plug-and-play VPN experience may find it a hassle.

Netflix isn’t available and downloading torrents can be a bit dangerous but with the knowledge in creating, editing VPN connections, one can make the most of this program – if they know what they’re doing. Slow speeds and reported leaks are also concerns for users looking for speed and/or privacy.

The 30-day trial is a generous period for anyone trying to decide whether Viscosity is the right VPN client for them; and at $14 for a lifetime license, it’s not exactly expensive to buy.

Want to have a custom VPN experience, where you get the freedom to choose the servers you set up or have access to? Viscosity might just be the VPN tool for you.

But for those looking for a more full-service option that offers torrenting support and Netflix access while having a native app for all operating systems and devices, we recommend going with the best.

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  1. Ugh… Wow, this article is bad in so many ways. However the main reason being that Viscosity is not a VPN service at all. It is a OpenVPN client that you can use with a compatible service.

    Has nothing to do with jurisdiction since well, they are not a service.

    1. The very first words under the title:
      “Viscosity isn’t your usual VPN. To put it simply, it’s a GUI to enable a better OpenVPN experience – or at least, it’s supposed to be.”

      We go over this bit throughout the entire review. Thanks for the feedback!

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