Trust.Zone VPN Review

TrustZone VPN Review

Trust.Zone—an intriguing name, but does the name reflect the quality of this VPN? We’re about to find out.

Trust.Zone operates under Trusted Solutions LLC, and is a VPN service based in the Republic of Seychelles, where it was founded in 2014.

While this company is still relatively young, Trust.Zone is worth considering, as you’ll quickly discover; competitive pricing and numerous servers in 90 zones around the world offered—there’s a lot to love about Trust.Zone.

Trust.Zone VPN Specs & Offers

VPN Name Trust.Zone
Leak Test No Leaks
Logging Policy No Logs
Speed Fast
Torrenting Torrenting & P2P Allowed
Netflix Unblocks Netflix (Sometimes)
Jurisdiction Outside of Eyes
Servers / Countries 170 / 40
Max Connections 3 (can purchase 3 more for $1.91)
Kill Switch Has Kill Switch
Anonymous Payment Methods Crypto (includes 10% discount)
Free Trial 3 Days, 1 GB
Refunds 10 Days
Customer Support M-F Email, Ticket
Price Starting From $2.60

Trust.Zone VPN Pros

Servers & Locations: Few Servers, but They Work Well

Trust.Zone has a competitive server count that’s comparable to bigger name VPNs, despite being such a young company. The bulk of their servers are spread over Europe and Northern America, with several servers covering Asia and Australia, as well as a server or two dotted around Africa and South America.

They have 170 servers in 90 zones located in 40 different countries at the time of writing. The distribution of the servers around the world is nothing to scoff at. To compare, we can take a look at a top-tier VPN like Private Internet Access who has 52 locations in 32 countries.

On top of that, they’ve expanded their server list by 30%, added 10 additional zones and 9 new countries in a matter of a few months. Their server offering is good to start with, but the nice thing to note is, the list is growing.

We used Trust.Zone to access websites that were restricted by our testers’ internet service providers. All websites were accessible when the VPN was turned on, establishing that the VPN is effectively able to spoof the IP address of our devices. But what about unlocking content on streaming sites? Well, let’s keep reading to find out…

VPN Speed & Performance: How Fast is Fast?

Slower speeds are to be expected from any VPN service as data is routed to the VPN before being directed to the user; this is one metric of what separates a good VPN from a poor one.

We have tested Trust.Zone’s speeds in the US, UK, EU and China zone servers and the results are as follows:

North American VPN Server Speed Test

NA Baseline
(Without VPN)
Test Results
(to NA Server)
EU Baseline
(Without VPN)
Test Results
(to EU Server)
(5 ms)
25 ms (+20 ms) Ping
(90 ms)
101 ms (+11 ms)
(98.6 Mbps)
71.5 Mbps
(-27 Mbps, -27%)
(87.4 Mbps)
67.5 Mbps
(-20 Mbps, -23%)
(98.4 Mbps)
70.2 Mbps
(-28.2 Mbps, -29%)
(56.3 Mbps)
51.4 Mbps
(-4.9 Mbps, -9%)

European VPN Server Speed Test

NA Baseline
(Without VPN)
Test Results
(to NA Server)
EU Baseline
(Without VPN)
Test Results
(to EU Server)
(93 ms)
106 ms (+13 ms) Ping
(27 ms)
27 ms (0 ms)
(92 Mbps)
64.3 Mbps
(-27.6 Mbps, -30%)
(99.1 Mbps)
70.6 Mbps
(-28.5 Mbps, -29%)
(58.6 Mbps)
39.3 Mbps
(-19.3 Mbps, -33%)
(98.7 Mbps)
68.6 Mbps
(-30 Mbps, -30%)

Asian VPN Server Speed Test

NA Baseline
(Without VPN)
Test Results
(to NA Server)
EU Baseline
(Without VPN)
Test Results
(to EU Server)
(278 ms)
298 ms (+20 ms) Ping
(281 ms)
224 ms (-57 ms)
(46.9 Mbps)
13.6 Mbps
(-33.2 Mbps, -71%)
(57.8 Mbps)
43.3 Mbps
(-14.5 Mbps, -25%)
(7.9 Mbps)
5.3 Mbps
(-2.6 Mbps, -33%)
(6.2 Mbps)
4.4 Mbps
(-1.8 Mbps, -29%)

At a glance, we can immediately spot which regions performed the best and which ones performed the worst.

Given that we only test the Asian servers from US and EU, we’re bound to get some bad results.

The good news is, these speeds are more than acceptable for any kind of media needs. You won’t have trouble downloading or streaming anything.

Here’s a quick summary of the latency, download speed and upload speed:

  1. Latency – Ping tests showed amongst all servers a drop on speeds (but fairly regular drops).
  2. Downloads – Downloading from US and UK did not pose a problem; the download speeds were reduced by about 30%, acceptable dips in speeds for VPN services. Testing servers was a bit more problematic with drops of speed reaching about 80%.
  3. Uploads – The same story when it comes to uploads; US and UK servers appear to offer good speeds, while Asian servers still perform poorer.

Netflix Test: Trust.Zone Works So Grab the Remote

For some regions, it will show the dreaded Netflix black screen…

Thankfully, Trust.Zone VPN works with Netflix for US regions.

Well, we should clarify; it works on some of the servers.

If the server you choose doesn’t work for Netflix streaming, there are plenty of others to choose from that will.

Our tests reveal that Netflix should work; you may just have to hunt for a server that works.

Because of this unreliability, Trust.Zone just missed out on making our list of top VPNs for Netflix. Another factor to consider is the unavailability of Netflix in other regions as well.

Pricing & Plans: Any Cheaper and They’d Be Giving It Away

Trust.Zone is a very affordable VPN solution. In fact, we wager that the price is the strongest pro for this VPN service.

Pricing for a 1-year plan stands at $3.33 per month, or a total price of $39.95, minus 10% discount if you use Bitcoin ($35.96 or $2.99 per month).

They recently started offering a 2 year plan which comes out to just $2.88 per month, or a total price of $69.15, minus 10% discount if you use Bitcoin ($62.24 or $2.6 per month).

Trust.Zone also offers a free 3-day trial for those who want to check out the service on offer before parting with any cash. The free trial limits you to 142 locations out of 170 available ones, presumably the best ones have been removed. It also has a 1GB data transfer cap. Lastly, you can only use it on one device at a time.

Payment is a breeze considering that Trust.Zone accepts all major credit card providers and PayPal. Privacy advocates will be happy to hear that they even have an option to pay in Bitcoin for complete anonymity (as well as some alternative cryptocurrencies), which includes a nice 10% discount.

Let’s not ignore the Christmas savings. The price stood at $2.33 per month which came out to a mere $2.10 per month with crypto payments.

When it comes to privacy, having crypto pay is one way to garner trust from the users and Trust.Zone clearly understands this. Great news!

For users that utilize multiple devices, there’s an option to use an additional 3 simultaneous connections (standard plans only allow 3) for a low monthly rate of $1.91.

Dedicated IPs

Apart from the subscription plan, Trust.Zone offers add-on features for more advanced consumers.

Dedicated IP addresses in the UK go for as low as $3.33 per month (remember to deduct 10%). Supposedly these can unblock Netflix and other streaming services than having a non-dedicated IP. In most casts, dedicated IPs are used for security reasons.

On the other hand, a premium VPN like NordVPN charges $70 per year, or $5.83 per month. Trust.Zone’s dedicated IP is twice as cheap!

Device Compatibility: Use Whatever You Like!

Trust.Zone offers a relatively wide variety of device compatibility.

Trust.Zone works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, with an easy to use one-touch interface available for Windows and mobile apps.

However, Apple users might not like to hear that they still don’t have a native app for macOS. Meaning you will have to use an open-source client like Tunnelblick and connect using OpenVPN. It’s not so complicated to do this but some people just want a beautiful VPN to use. Here‘s a guide on installing Trust.Zone on macOS.

Apart from those devices that are officially listed in the Trust.Zone website, there are known workarounds to enable Trust.Zone functionality in gaming devices such as the Xbox One and PS4.

Product Interface: As Easy as One Click!

Using Trust.Zone VPN is about as simple as it gets when using a VPN.

The UI is very user-friendly and connecting your device is as simple as clicking one button—the yellow shield which is the logo of Trust.Zone is used to quickly connect to the fastest available server. This is great for users who are new to using VPNs, and is ideal to introduce such newcomers to securing themselves on the internet.

Server selection is straightforward as well, with a menu of different servers organized per region, making selection a breeze. Trust.Zone allows the user, by default, to have up to 3 simultaneous connections on multiple devices; something that’s not commonly seen in lower-priced VPNs.

Encryption and Protocol: Standard (Strong) Encryption

Trust.Zone utilizes a virtually uncrackable 256-Bit AES encryption and allows the user a choice between two protocols: OpenVPN and L2TP.

Trust.Zone’s offering of OpenVPN is an industry standard, considering that OpenVPN is used by most VPN providers and customers. OpenVPN is trusted because it’s continuously being monitored and upgraded by experts in security via its open source platform.

Kill Switch: Built-in and Automatic

Trust.Zone also offers an automatic kill switch, that cuts your connection to the network when it detects that your IP is about to be exposed.

Some VPNs require you to check off a kill switch box, but Trust.Zone simply removed that step. Since this feature should always be on, we believe it was a good decision by them.

Logging Policy: No Logging

Trust.Zone claim that they don’t keep logs and operate with no leaks.

This claim is supported by their privacy policy; Trust.Zone does not collect any personal information such as names, locations, and phone numbers although the payment process probably will. Hence it’s wise to use Bitcoin for not only the 10% discount but also for your own privacy sake.

All they collect are email addresses, which are used for communication purposes. The policy states they do not store log files but hints at storing usage data (which is retained anonymously).

Trust.Zone has a warrant canary page where the company further proves they value user privacy. What’s awesome to see is the fact that it gets updated every day.

It’s pleasing to see a relative newcomer to the VPN space offer such transparency and user trust; it’s clear they care about their user’s privacy and protection, and throughout our experience, continued to prove that is the case.

What we would like to see is audits from independent, third-party security firms like what NordVPN and VyprVPN have done.

No DNS Leaks (but what about IPv6?)

We tested Trust.Zone’s capability to conceal user’s real locations and IP addresses.

We’re happy to say, we weren’t able to find any DNS or WebRTC leaks while using their service.

The results were consistent on Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android devices, so device usage shouldn’t matter – you should be covered.

There is one minor issue – no support for IPv6! So if you’re using the latest tech and care about leaks then keep this in mind before paying! The alternative is simply turning off IPv6 and going about your day with Trust.Zone.

Torrenting Policy: Yes, Torrenting is Absolutely Allowed

Great news though for those who make use of P2P file sharing and torrenting; Trust.Zone’s VPN manages to properly seed and leech torrent files, albeit with the expected slower download speeds.

Considering that peer-to-peer file sharing is notoriously vulnerable to threats, the added layer of protection offered by VPNs that are great for torrenting helps protect your data from potential hackers.

Moreover, Trust.Zone openly claims that their VPN service does not block or throttle any kind of internet traffic.

It’s a great contrast to other VPN services that limit P2P activities on their servers.

Trust.Zone VPN Cons

Refund Policy: 10 Days? What’s The Hurry?

Trust.Zone allows you to refund up to 10 days after your purchase and 100% of the contract amount is returned, provided the user does not exceed 1GB of bandwidth usage. 10 days is a lot less than the standard 30 day policies we see elsewhere, and the added 1GB restriction is another concern.

We strongly recommend users lean on that free trial before parting with any money, to ensure they enjoy the service.

With such an odd and detailed refund policy in place, there’s bound to be some issues. Don’t expect a smooth ride here…

Customer Support: Hello? Is Anyone There? Guess I’ll Just Help Myself Then…

If there’s one thing that significantly brought down Trust.Zone’s score, it would be their customer support.

As of writing this review, Trust.Zone only allows for ticket-based support. The support team only operates on Mondays to Fridays from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm (GMT +0). Their tickets are usually addressed within 24 hours of filing as you can see by the screenshot below:

This is not a huge nail in the proverbial coffin since the waiting times aren’t absurd (2-4 hours); that said, having to wait up to a day for a response can be a drawback for users looking to use their VPN immediately.

What it lacks in after sales support is compensated by the information that they offer on their website.

They provide clear instructions on downloading and installing Trust.Zone VPN on your computer, as well as configuring your computer for VPN use.

A very comprehensive troubleshooting guide and FAQ is also listed on their website to address most common problems encountered by users.

So yes, their support system leaves a little to be desired, but they managed to provide a comprehensive FAQ and knowledge base. Overall, a middling offering; not impressive enough to compliment, but it’s nothing we’ve not seen before.

Trust.Zone VPN as a Business

Trust.Zone operates under Trusted Solutions LLC, and is a VPN service based in the Republic of Seychelles, where it was founded in 2014.

While this company is still relatively young, Trust.Zone is worth considering, as you’ll quickly discover; with competitive pricing, and numerous servers around the world on offer, there’s a lot to love about Trust.Zone VPN.

Jurisdiction: No Prying Eyes!

If you are aware of the surveillance alliances, your mind can be put to ease knowing Trust.Zone is based on the islands of Seychelles.

Organizations such as the fourteen eyes have no jurisdiction here, thankfully.

Even if such organizations forced Trust.Zone to hand over its server data, Trust.Zone doesn’t keep any logs of their customers.

All in all, this means that using Trust.Zone is one fantastic method to protect your privacy and security.

Trust.Zone According to Customers

To be honest, it was a bit difficult finding real user feedback from Twitter since the feed was filled with bots…

But we believe this is a real user and she has a valid point:

Reddit was another avenue where we seeked for real customer feedback:


…but this thread looked like an advertisement.

Trust.Zone VPN Conclusion: Trust.Zone Offers Great Bang for Your Buck

Due to its competitively low prices, we came into this review not expecting much from Trust.Zone.

Our testing of their VPN did nothing but prove us wrong.

What’s that saying? “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, consider us schooled. Trust.Zone is a strong contender due to its focused efforts in maintaining security and data privacy while being simple enough for consumers of any ability to use.

Download speeds and latency could certainly see improvement, but speeds are always slowed down with whatever VPN product that’s used; overall, the speeds are more than substantial enough to keep any VPN user happy.

With its easy-to-use intuitive interface, you really can’t go wrong with using Trust.Zone. Sure, their customer support might be lacking, but with the product being so simple, it’s entirely likely you won’t suffer any issues.

Not convinced just yet? Give their free trial a go, and see what you think.

Buy because:
+ Effectively masks IP address and without DNS leaks.
+ Does not keep logs.
+ Torrenting and P2P file sharing are allowed.
+ Constant expansion of servers and infrastructure.
+ Extremely budget-friendly price.
+ Some geo-unlock for Netflix.
+ Anonymous payment plus discounts.

Things to consider:
Ticket based support only (M-F 6 am to 4 pm GMT+0).
No IPv6 leak protection.

Visit Trust.Zone

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  1. The good thing is truszone has 3 days free option for usage. It’s not a TRIAL or so, I have never entered credit card details while 3 days usage.

    So, checked all servers speed, neftlix, chinese servers and etc. Works. Then I bought it.

    Probably, expressvpn or nord are also good but they don’t allow to test for FREE (they have free trial but they charge your credit card first then you ask for refund in a month which is not good for me)

    1. Hey Den, thanks for commenting.

      I agree a free trial system is easier for the user than a money-back guarantee.

      However, With Express or Nord, you really get what you pay for. These are big VPN companies and will abide by their 30-day money-back guarantee. Often times, they don’t even ask why you want a refund. A simple, “no questions asked” policy. So theoretically you could have a 30 day usage period for free 🙂 But as we mentioned before in our ExpressVPN review, we’re keeping the subscription because ExpressVPN simply works as promised.

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