Hideman VPN Review

hideman vpn review

Hold your horses even though you just read “Free”.

Being cost-free doesn’t always mean hassle-free, so we did the work for you and checked if this VPN is even worth your time and memory space.

Hideman VPN Specs & Offers

VPN Name Hideman
Leak Test No Leaks
Logging Policy Logs
Speed Slow
Torrenting Torrenting & P2P Allowed
Netflix No Netflix
Jurisdiction Inside Fourteen Eyes
Servers / Countries 14 / 10
Max Connections 4
Kill Switch Has Kill Switch
Anonymous Payment Methods Crypto
Free Trial Available
Refunds 30 Days
Customer Support Live Chat, Email, In-App, Skype, Jabber
Price Starting From $2.90

Hideman VPN Pros

Pricing & Plans: A test drive is always a good idea.

Hideman VPN, for the most part, is free for anyone who wants to use a free VPN.

If users wish to upgrade their services, they have some options.

Hideman VPN offers two separate subs, i.e. mobile-only or all devices.

The first and cheapest option is the Mobile plan which costs $2.9 per month or you can pay it for 1 year in advance for $24.90 (or $2.07/month on average).

The second option is the Ultimate plan which covers all devices (Windows, macOS and Google Chrome) including mobile ones. This plan costs $9 per month or you can pay 1 year in advance for $69 (or $5.75/month on average).

Lastly, they offer a Private plan which is presumably a dedicated IP feature. This costs $9 per month and yo ucannot pay for it in advance for discounts.

Hideman’s plans are slightly higher than some premium VPNs but it’s nice to see a mobile-only offering as well.

This isn’t bad for a VPN if you ask us. At least, so far.

Encryption and Protocols: The standard pack.

The VPN uses military-grade encryption, PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. Users of particular taste may like this feature in particular. It’s good that VPNs let their users customize whichever protocol they want to use for their personal use and/or work setup.

Payment Method: Lots of them actually!

Hideman IP clients have different methods to choose from; they even offer to get in touch with customer service to find out other ways of paying which may not be listed.

A reasonable amount of payment methods available.

They have the usual card payments, bank transfer and even Bitcoin payments (x2 for some reason) for the more privacy-conscious individual.

Still, it’s nice to see they offer Bitcoin payments since the top VPNs like ExpressVPN have been on it for a while.

Kill Switch: Great, a must-have these days!

Hurrah! Hideman VPN has a kill switch. You may access this in their Settings tab.

This feature is very handy for people who are worried about being exposed in sudden instances of disconnection from the VPN.

IP and DNS Leak Test: All good! Roger that!

But we can’t say the same for their IP and DNS Leak Tests if we haven’t tried it yet, right?

Here are the results:

The results were passable, too.

If you weren’t completely sold by their speeds, then maybe this testament to their reliability may help?

Hopefully, their speed test won’t disappoint.

Torrenting Policy: A popular choice.

Torrents and Tor network access in a single package is great.

Hideman VPN allows their users to torrent downloads. We were positively surprised by the availability of .onion and .i2p resources without additional configuration.

Hideman VPN Neutral Points

Server and Locations: We would have liked more choices.

Hideman VPN used to offer way more coverage

Hideman used to offer a decent amount of server options, especially considering it’s a freemium VPN service.

Users who use the VPN for free have restricted access with limited choices in server selection… At the moment they only have 14 servers in 10 countries and two of them are down for maintenance at the time of this VPN review update. Yes, you’re paying $9 per month for a choice of 4 regions…

Compare this price to NordVPN who charges far less and gives 10x more options.

Device Compatibility: The two big names covered!

Easy to use apps for Android and iOS.

Since there are two plans that the VPN offers, the mobile version is compatible with Apple and Android devices accordingly.

Users of the premium plan may connect up to 4 devices simultaneously.

The higher the plan you subscribe to, the higher the device compatibility.

Refund policy: Just about an average case.

If you happen to be unsatisfied and maybe even unimpressed by the VPN, you may get your money back using: your email with your name, payment transaction information, and account number for the money to be accredited.

The refund transaction usually takes upto 21 business days to 30 calendardays.

Of course, they have the right to refuse if you broke any of the Terms of Service.

Sign Up Process: Keeping it simple.

Hideman VPN doesn’t require any signup process.

Apps for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. You could use all 4 at the same time.

All you need to do is install the program and choose the server you want to connect to, and then voila, you’re safe from any threats of privacy threats and cyber attacks.

Hideman VPN Cons

Logging Policy: Personal info stored for 14 days with Free accounts.

The VPN only collects personal information, which users can be identified from, once they register to a Hideman Service Account. The VPN may also receive information from resellers and their business partners as well.

User transfer logs are saved for 14 days from the date of access on a dedicated server located in an offshore zone.

Hideman VPN only discloses your information to other companies if it is consensual, needed for a transaction, in compliance of the law, necessary to apply their terms and conditions, and to protect the rights and safety of the VPN.

Netflix Test: Oh No! Me want Netflix.

[Crowd boos]. Oh, no.
You can’t use Netflix while you have this VPN on. This is a huge bummer for anyone looking to have a safe time on the internet while watching Netflix.

Fortunately, we have some alternative VPN choices for Netflix.

VPN Speed and Performance: Worth checking out for a free service.

Since only 4 servers available for the free version, namely Luxembourg, Russia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria, we didn’t get to test the usual servers. For this review, we tested Luxembourg.

HidemanVPN Speed Test shows moderate speeds.

As you can see from the above image, which shows the speed test done via the server in Luxembourg. Admittedly, their speeds aren’t much, but a lot of other people can still work with this speed. So if in any case, you’re one of them, you can freely subscribe to Hideman after reading this review thoroughly, of course!

Product Interface: Simple. That’s about it.

Their software doesn’t differ much from other VPN’s. Sleek isn’t the applicable word for their design, but it does the job.

You can simply choose which server you can connect to and the status of your connection may be tracked on their software, too.

A basic functional app for Windows.

Customer Support: Live Chat but not 24/7.

Hideman VPN lets users reach them through email, Skype, live chat, in-app software, and Jabber but not 24/7.

While Hideman VPN makes the promise that they will help you watch TV-channels in the US from various services (especially Netflix, Hulu or FOX) but since Netflix gave us an error in our findings; your luck may vary. So, it might worth contacting customer support to see if they have an explanation or a possible solution.

Customer service could possibly help solve Netflix DNS problems.

This is a lot, but considering that they’re a paid VPN, it’s nothing to gloss over. While Netflix didn’t work in our tests, we will revisit this in the future to see if Hideman VPN has fixed the problem or not!

Hideman VPN as a Business

This is one of those admittedly rare VPN providers that provide free services, and for paying customers if they are not satisfied with the service then they provide partial refunds.


This is a UK-based VPN which means that, yes, they are part of the mass surveillance alliance of 14 countries who can potentially and legally trade information between each other.

In any case of the court demanding information from the VPN, they can and will hand your information to the authorities to abide by the law.

Hideman VPN Conclusion: Could’ve been good, but just falls short.

For free, you can use their service; however, since the main aim is to watch US content from platforms like Netflix then this one misses the mark. At least for now.

One of its downsides, however, is the fact that you can’t get past the firewalls of Netflix at the moment.

So, immediately, if accessing restricted websites is your motivator to get a VPN, you have to cross this one out.

Your best bet is with our top VPNs.

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