Firefox VPN Review

Firefox VPN

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, recently announced that they will release a premium subscription model in the upcoming fall of 2019.

What does this premium service look like?

Let’s first go over what we know:

  1. Firefox is the third most used browser in the world across all devices.
  2. Mozilla will launch a paid subscription in fall of 2019.
  3. Current existing features will remain free.
  4. Premium features will include a VPN and secure cloud storage.

Firefox VPN Price

Various sources report that Firefox VPN will use a freemium model.

Much like Windscribe, free users will have some bandwidth allowance at no cost. If users want to increase their bandwidth, they will have to pay the premium subscription fee.

At the moment, we do know that Mozilla has a partnership with ProtonVPN. The current subscription stands at $10 per month for ProtonVPN customers. Mozilla is processing the payments and customers subscribing from Firefox receive the same benefits as customers of ProtonVPN.

Mozilla Firefox VPN Features

The features are not known as of yet.

We can get some ideas from Mozilla’s partnership with ProtonVPN.

Since ProtonVPN does not have a Firefox addon, it is speculated that Mozilla Firefox’s development team can work side-by-side with the ProtonVPN team to create a seamless integration. Since the premium subscription model includes a VPN, it will either be built-in to the browser or will be a browser extension.

The Firefox VPN could use ProtonVPN as a backbone – building a VPN service on top of ProtonVPN’s service. For those who are aware of the white-labeling model, this is one option that Mozilla has. Part of the subscription fee will go to ProtonVPN since the entire VPN service will be using their architecture.

Mozilla Firefox VPN Launch Date

Dave Camp, senior vice president of Firefox at Mozilla has shared:

We will roll out a subscription service and offer a premium level. And the plan is to introduce the first one this year, towards fall. We aim for October.

Mozilla isn’t too late with timelines according to previous performances. They usually keep their timelines in check and we will most likely see the Firefox VPN before the end of 2019.

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