NordVPN Dedicated IP

NordVPN Dedicated IP

Dedicated IPs are just another one of many awesome features you get with a NordVPN subscription, but what is it, what is it useful for, and who should be using one? That’s exactly what we are going to cover in this article.

Let’s get right to it!

The Difference Between NordVPN’s Dedicated (Static) IPs and Regular (Dynamic) Ones

The difference between the two is the same as the difference between them in general.

A dedicated IP means that only one person is using a specific IP address. When you subscribe to NordVPN’s dedicated IP service, you will be assigned your very own static IP address that only you can use.

Without a dedicated IP, you will share an IP address with lots of other NordVPN users when you connect to one of their servers. This means that each time you connect to NordVPN, you will use a shared, dynamic IP that changes.

In most circumstances, sharing a VPN server’s IP with 50 to 100 or more people won’t cause you any problems, however, there are certain use cases where a dedicated IP is advantageous.

Why Use NordVPN’s Dedicated IP Service?

Having a dynamic IP address is mostly useful for users who need to whitelist a specific IP address for authentication purposes, for example to—

  • Access an admin control panel for a web server you use
  • Access software or services without having to re-authenticate each time
  • Access a private SSH tunnel

So, if, for example, you are a webmaster running a web server and need routine, secure access to it from anywhere in the world and want an additional layer of security beyond a secure password, a dedicated IP is ideal.

If, however, you are simply using the web as normal for browsing, streaming, and downloading content, a dedicated IP isn’t for you and would be a waste of money.

The only reason we can think a dedicated IP would be useful for regular users if you don’t stay signed into services such as email accounts, social media, and PayPal and need to re-authenticate each time.

This is because the above services can reject your login attempt if you try logging in from somewhere other than where you originally signed up from.

Dedicated IP addresses don’t provide an extra layer of protection or do anything else that a regular, dynamic IP can. You can still have your IP blacklisted on services (e.g. Netflix if caught bypassing geoblocking) and it may be easier to have certain services throttled since you are using the same IP address each time.

This is why it is only a small number of users who routinely need a dedicated IP.

Are NordVPN’s Dedicated IPs Faster?

NordVPN’s regular servers are already very fast (you can check the figures in the review) and you are unlikely to notice much difference, if any, between their regular shared IPs and a dedicated one.

Plus the dedicated IP doesn’t mean you’ll get a whole server to yourself. It doesn’t mean you’ll get your own private resources. It means you probably will just get your own IP under the same shared VPN server.

Where are NordVPN Dedicated IPs Available?

At the time of writing this, NordVPN currently has dedicated IPs in the following locations—

  • USA – Buffalo, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Matawan
  • Germany – Frankfurt
  • United Kingdom – London
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam

When their dedicated IP service started, it was only available in the U.S. but to respond to increasing demand, they have started increasing the locations where they are offered. Keep an eye on the NordVPN website to find out when new locations are added if these aren’t suited to you.

Upgrading to NordVPN Dedicated IP

If you think a NordVPN dedicated IP is right for you, you can go ahead and upgrade by adding it onto your account as an additional service.

Unsurprisingly, a dedicated IP is not free. It costs $69.99 per year and you can get it by visiting the NordVPN UCP and clicking on ‘Get Dedicated IP’.

Doing this will put a request in with NordVPN’s customer service team to set up a dedicated IP address for you. The $69.99 is billed annually and works out at around $5.83 per month.

That’s more expensive than the subscription itself when you pay for the 3-year plan in advance!

Now you know why it’s not for everyone. There’s a special demographic that requires this specific feature.

Try Out NordVPN Risk-Free Today

If you are not completely satisfied with the NordVPN service or find out that it isn’t suitable for you, you can email customer support within the first 30 days of your purchase and request a full refund. There are no strings attached or usage limits, either.

Just read our guide on getting a refund from NordVPN.

NOTE: You cannot be refunded for a dedicated IP. We recommend testing out NordVPN under the 30-day money-back guarantee first and then considering purchasing a dedicated IP if you are going to use NordVPN long-term.

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