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GoBestVPN is supported by you, the reader.

Here’s the truth: we earn a small commission whenever you click on some of our links and purchase something. This gives us “credit” to whatever purchases you make.

These links are called affiliate links. These types of links are present in most websites that conduct reviews.

It’s not a new concept, it won’t harm you in any way, and it certainly doesn’t affect our reviews.

We’re not affiliated with all 100+ VPN providers we’ve reviewed. Just a select few that we deem worthy, the few that we would actually recommend to our friends and family.


It’s to cover our expenses to:

  1. Maintain the website
  2. Conduct tests over the globe
  3. Purchase licensing rights
  4. Fund research and scholarships for students

We started this little website to help people. This vision has not wavered.
We’re just scaling it things bigger to provide you, our readers, better research.

How does it affect the reviews?

We don’t accept payment or donations for better reviews or rankings. Period.

Our review process is the most extensive in the industry – our reviews are truly the best.

Here are some casual thoughts and context for our top rankings:

  • NordVPN does offer a premium service for a fraction of the price. They run marketing “tricks” like showing you a countdown to trigger emotional responses, but that doesn’t reflect badly on the product itself. Our video review also shows the actual usage of the VPN client and it does take a little bit more time to connect to a server than ExpressVPN…
  • ExpressVPN does offer 24/7 instant live chat support. Who else does this? Really, who? Go test out the 100+ VPNs we’ve tested out, and see how the numbers compare. And they offer guaranteed Netflix? Of course, they have a bigger customer base and a bigger marketing budget. But the product works as promised and they promise a lot of great things.
  • Private Internet Access? Honestly, what other VPN has court-proven no-logging policy? They can sell this point alone and acquire customers who really care about privacy.

How can I trust you?

Don’t trust anybody. Do your own research. We’re sharing our findings with you, and it’s up to you to take that knowledge forward.

However, if you have received some value from our reviews and support the cause, please give us some credit by clicking on our links.

You can also contribute by sharing your own reviews with us.

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